Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Build.

Yikes another none image post!! Well work on the new build is progressing and i do promise to post some shots of it soon, one thing that's struck me after starting this is how big it is compared to working in 1/24th, i suppose the fact that i usually make items which go inside buildings as opposed to me actually making the building also has something to do with it. Because i hadn't actually put any plans on paper or even worked out dimensions it means i have had tell myself when to stop and that the building at least for the time being is adequate for my needs, one thing i have learned is that its so easy to get carried away when building something like this and before you know it ..well its a long term project and that's what i didn't want, there's also the fact that i'm limited for space.
Ive used all completely recycled timber for this project the main framework of the building and floor is Oak while all the window frames are currently going to be made from walnut, also as things have progressed I've managed to construct it in such a way that 3 of the 4 exterior  walls will have large removable panels this will make it easier for me to take better internal photographs, another reason i went with this idea is it allows me to design new panels to give the building a different look and also extend it if i ever wish to, this has been made easier by the fact the building has sliding doors, i do apologize if it sounds a little puzzling but as i said hopefully i will have some images up pretty soon.
Have a wonderful week everyone.   Tony


  1. Hi Tony! This sounds SO Fascinating.... I need to see some pictures!!!! LOL! I am sure that your workmanship will be astonishing... and I am eager to see the details! I know what you mean about the difference in the scales.... I have mostly been working in 1:48 for this past year! It has completely changed the way I see things! It makes regular dollhouse scale seem HUGE!!!
    I can't wait for more "News" on this building!

  2. It sounds brilliant to me. To be able to easily remove walls so you can add on or make changes sounds great. I am eager to see some drawings if not walls up.

  3. Sounds very interesting. It will be lovely to watch your project progress.

  4. Great ideas! Can't wait to see this in progress---

  5. Removable walls are a clever idea, Tony. I'm planning on having some of the walls in my next build removable, but only for access to electrical wiring (since I don't really even have enough room for what I want to build, a future expansion isn't too likely!). Looking forward to seeing the project!

  6. what a cool project, I'll be waiting for photos :)