Sunday, 28 April 2013

Slow Progress.

Hi everyone, and a warm welcome to my new followers. This has been a tough week for me as i decided to return back to my full time job after 5 weeks with a slipped disk in my back, after taking regular back exercise and visiting a physiotherapist i came to the conclusion that i would be fit enough to return and do light duties! Hmmm it did not quite turn out the way i anticipated, a combination of pain killers and stress plus irrational people does not make you feel to good.
The build i am currently working on has also stalled as i am waiting for materials plus I'm still experimenting with different lighting which needs to be done before i can continue any further although i couldn't resist putting one of my pieces inside to see how it looked.

This tiny carved panel was given to me many years ago by a cabinet maker who had been asked to convert a piece of Japanese furniture in this case a cabinet to hold a TV set, yes i know what your thinking taking such a beautiful piece of furniture to pieces to house a TV is just wrong in my opinion but that's the way things go. The cabinet was constructed in 1890 and had a total of 29 draws inside all of which were removed and reused with the exception of this tiny one that measures just 3.5'' x 2'' on viewing the back you can also still see the joints which were made to hold the sides in place too one thing that did puzzle me was that this was the only draw that never had a handle so I'm a little confused as to how it was opened unless it had some type of spring mechanism? either way i was very happy to take this off his hands at that moment in time and it now has the perfect home.

The plain walnut frame around the outside was added by myself  but is fully removable , i just thought it gave it a better finish.
Ive also been thinking about some type of name for the gallery once its completed, this isn't as easy as i thought it would be so if any of my followers and friends would like to submit ideas i would be more than happy to consider using one that i like and in the event i do use one then i will send that person a small token of my appreciation.
Hopefully over the next few weeks i will be able to share with you more progress as it happens or alternatively share the tiny treasures that will be displayed in this new build.
Have a great week everyone.   Tony. 


  1. So appropriate to start with a Japanese panel. I suppose that what they did to the cabinet is why beautiful antiques are so rare. Love the little panel and at least that one has a second life!

  2. Tony, I'm sorry you are having so much pain! I hope it gets better soon! Stress is more damaging than we think... it makes Everything worse! I hope the parts for your gallery arrive soon... but sometimes these delays give us more time to think and be creative! Your little Japanese carving is GORGEOUS!!! It is a fitting first piece for the gallery! I LOVE the way little Treasures have a history... a Life we can sometimes only Imagine...
    Maybe your Gallery should include that idea in the name...
    Like "Treasure Tales".... or "Treasured Finds" or "On the Trail of Treasures" or.... I am sure you will come up with the Right Name eventually!!!!
    Here's hoping for speedy recovery!

  3. Your little Japanese carving is a little treasure, Tony, it is gorgeous!
    A name for your gallery? Mmmm, I have to think about that........perhaps "Treasures from the past"? Because this Japanese carving is now saved from loss or destruction and the wood you use for all your artworks are materials from the past and they become through your hands formed into small treasures....?
    Anyway it is good to find a suitable name for your Gallery and display.
    Have a good sunday. Hugs, Ilona

  4. I can't believe they dismantled that keepsake but so glad your beautiful carving survived! And now has a most fitting home. Name? :Perhaps the Treasure Trove...

  5. Sorry to hear things are not the best at the moment. The carving is beautiful. Sad to think of the original piece of furniture that was destroyed, but how lovely to have that piece for your miniatures. I will have a think about a name for your gallery. Needs to be original and have a bit of class, like your miniatures.

  6. Japanese panel in a very Japanese-looking about "Takara Gallery"? ("Takara" = "Treasure" in Japanese, IIRC.)

  7. I hope you feel better soon, pain is awful. What a wonderful panel, it's so detailed.

  8. Hi Tony, I love your little carving, I for one simply can't imagine taking an old piece of furniture apart. I read your post on Sunday already but wanted to take some time thinking about a name and this is what I came up with "Paragon Treasure House" or "Paragon Treasures", Paragon is a synonym for treasure and means outstanding example according to this website and

  9. How about 'Revere Gallery' - treasures held in high regard.