Saturday, 20 July 2013

Time flies.

I've been so busy recently visiting family and friends and taking a short holiday that I've not had a whole lot of time to concentrate on the clock makers workshop although i did manage to add a few more accessories which i completed in between travelling.

The tiny framed certificate on the wall is the London clock makers grant of arms there motto being TEMPVS RERVM IMPERATOR or time is the ruler of all things, a most appropriate piece for the wall.

I've also added an apron slide to the workbench this can also be slid underneath the bench when not in use, the master clock maker appears to have also left a few drawings hanging out of the top draw!
A small tool tray complete with a few more tools sits on the bench next to the lathe, while decorative metal work and cogs hang on the wall ready to take their place in a new clock.
As you can see from the photo above it's just about there, a few little touches left to add and this piece shall be complete, I have very much enjoyed creating something a little more unusual from what i usually build, and have already thought of another very interesting theme which i can adapt to create a similar sized piece, Hopefully the clock makers workshop will be up for sale in a couple of weeks.
I do apologise if I'm a little late replying to comments left on previous posts and thank everyone who does take the time to leave them. A warm welcome also to my new followers, And many thanks for taking an interest in the pieces i create.
Have a great week everyone.    Tony.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Adding Details.

Hi everyone, the time has finally come where i can start to add the tiny details that will complete this piece. Firstly you may notice the chair, this is actually the only piece i have not made myself and was a star buy at a car boot sale for just 20p it did need a little work but it fits in with the scene so perfect i just had to use it, the walls have had a little grime and dirt strategically placed as any workshop like this would have had.

The shelf while acting as a great storage area is also a perfect place for displaying unfinished clocks, while the storage area under the lathe bench also contains five vintage watch mechanisms. I'm looking forward to adding all of the other items which will bring this piece to life.
Have a great weekend everyone.     Tony.