Saturday, 28 September 2013

Giveaway Winner.

Its been kind of a crazy day here plus we have our two grandchildren staying over with us so i do apologize for being a little late with this post.
All the names from my followers who decided to leave comments were wrote down onto pieces of paper and then mixed up and placed into a bowl where my grandson again had the honour of choosing the lucky winner.

                                         A big congratulations to Latchkey and jonquil
If you would like to contact me via email so i can arrange shipping arrangements. I would also like to thank everyone who decided to leave a comment hopefully it might be your name next time!
Have a great weekend everyone  Tony.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ormolu Cherub.

Hi everyone, i thought i'd put a quick post in and give you all a taster as to how the next room box is developing.
This room box is completely different to the previous one i created not only in looks but also design too. Without giving too much away this little Ormolu Cherub will have pride of place on the very top of the box! he is a genuine antique french bronze piece and dates to around 1860 he along with two other pieces of decorative metalware will be added to the exterior of the box.


I've also constructed and laid a black and white marble floor, this i will post photos of once the box is complete, the room box also stands on four french solid cast brass decorative feet.
I'm not sure but this maybe the final piece i create this year as i still have to fill the inside with all sorts of goodies but I'm sure it will be quite amazing once its finished.
I thought i'd also mention there is still a week before the draw for my giveaway so why not give it a try!
Have a great week everyone.     Tony.