Friday, 25 October 2013

Room Box Progress.

Hi everyone, after sharing with you the progress i had made creating my second room box a couple of weeks back i thought i would now show you the overall progress i have made.

As you can now see its moved on a fair way since the last time i showed it to you and i think you can get a feel for how its going to look once complete, although i still have a fair amount of work still to do on the case itself. The main body has had enamel applied and rubbed back several times this proved tricky when working out measurements as the paint is around 3mm thick, rubbing these coats back then applying light coats once again has given me the opportunity to also age the look.
I love the way the semi precious minerals add colour and depth to this piece giving an almost irresistible feeling of wanting to touch them.
The next step of work is to start the interior design, I've decided to add lights to the interior and a small hidden compartment behind the main draw will house the electrics, talking about the draw the tiny draw knob has a generous piece of blue lace agate also mounted into the front. All in all I'm pleased how this is moving along but for me the really exciting work is about to begin on the interior hopefully this wont add to much extra weight to the piece as it already is quite hefty.
Have a great week everyone.   Tony.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Room Box No2.

Hi folks,  Well its been a busy past few weeks with real life issues but i've still managed to get a little time in on my second room box.
While planning this piece i wanted from the outset to create not just a unique miniature interior space but also make the roombox itself very decorative and pleasing to the eye, something you would place in a real life room and if you had visitors it would catch their attention.
Im still not giving too much away as the main box itself is still under construction but the top is nearing completion.

As you can see from the image above it is rather colourful and far from being your average roombox.
The Ormolu cherub is set in place on the top while the round inset cabochons of various semi precious minerals add a great sense of colour and mysticism, the centre cabochon is lapis lazuli and is inset into genuine tortoise shell. I intend to slightly age the whole thing so it also blends in with most of the contents of the box which i'm also looking forward to working on and adding the tiny details.
I will undoubtedly post more on this piece of work as it progresses.
Have a great week everyone.  Tony