Saturday, 28 June 2014

Something Interesting.

Hi everyone, I'm sure at some point most if not all of us sit down and just browse the web for interesting things, One of my favourite sites which some of you may already have visited is a photographic blog which portrays mainly american history and is a treasure trove for some fantastic images which features period interiors and great architectural detailed photos, if you have a spare few minutes have a browse im sure you wont be disapointed i know i wasn't.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Making Decisions.

Hi folks firstly i'd like to thank everyone for the sympathetic and positive comments i received in my previous post they are truly appreciated. Ive also just realised that its three years this month that i started this blog and really got into the world of producing miniature pieces of art i really never thought that it would become so addictive and satisfying and continually learning all the time. I do promise once i get back up and running to have a great giveaway to mark this occasion.
What really made me think of writing this post was indeed the first piece i made which now belongs to Otterine i still remember what gave me the idea of making this piece like it was yesterday also the fact that the only tools i used to produce it were an hacksaw and dremel i have to admit i was quite chuffed how it turned out. As time went on and i produced more pieces i invested every penny i made from selling miniatures into new tooling which inevitably made life easier for me, from the onset of selling this first piece i made the decision to only buy tools and materials from the money i made from selling them, some of the materials i do get from friends a lot cheaper than i could anywhere else which im sure you would all agree makes sense and also reflects in the final price i charge.
Recently my workshop was broken into for a second time and basically everything i use for creating miniatures was removed, my workshop/garage has cctv which covers all of the exterior with the exception of the back wall which faces out onto open countryside this is where they entered from by removing the exterior cladding to gain access, it does make me angry not so much for the items that were taken but the fact that someone had been inside my workshop this still eats away at me, how they removed some of the items is beyond me as they were very heavy and bolted to a workbench which they undid using my own tools!! i definitely won't be bitten a third time!! Well i guess that's enough ranting.
  I've reluctantly decided to split my previous piece of work Treasure Room so it can now be either purchased with all of the contents or without them which would make it considerably more cheaper.
Obviously some of the items inside are permanent fixtures like the japanese carving and the wax seal i would also class the 12 volume set of books as a permanent fixture too even though they are removable so all of the tiny individual items including This Box that were displayed inside can now be bought separately if required. Just drop me an email if you see something you like or may be interested in.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

One step at a time.

Hi folks, well its been almost two months since my last post and i thought id just let everyone know how things are going.
My passion for creating miniatures is still alive and well but for reasons beyond my control i now have to rebuild my collection of tools and machinery which i had collected over a long period this is going to take time and patience so I'm hoping you will all bear with me.On a brighter note i have some wonderful new ideas which I've put down on paper so i don't forget and i can pick up once things start to improve, reading your blogs ( when time permits )  still gives me much inspiration and enjoyment and i look forward to putting my creative imagination to use again in the near future.
Have a great weekend   Tony.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Taking a rest.

Hi everyone, its been a few weeks since my last post now the treasure room box is completed i was hoping to concentrate on some smaller pieces but struggling with real life issues as I'm sure we all do and health problems I've decided to take a rest and use what little free time i have to get 100% back to some kind of normality its been a hard decision as i really still want to carry on creating pieces but the lack of concentration i have at the moment means that my work would most likely suffer. On a brighter note i have finished a tiny piece which i would like to share with you all this will most likely be the last piece i share for a while.

I made this piece from tiny scraps i had laying around of walnut burr veneer and believe it or not an old bone knife handle cut into strips the top is tortoise shell and the box measures 1'' in width.
Ive also received a couple of emails from people querying if i would be willing to sell the treasure room box without all of the accessories unfortunately the box was designed around most of the tiny accessories inside and all form an integral part of the completed piece of work if i did split the two apart it would not be the piece of work i intended it to be I'm sure most people understand this.
I look forward to continue following everyones blogs and hopefully will be back up and functioning 100% very soon.
Have a great week everyone.   Tony.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Well as promised here's some photos of the interior of the room box at night with the lights switched on.
           I do apologise for the size and amount of photos in this post, i have to say when i first switched on the lights i was quite set back how different it made the inside look i often sit down at night in the lounge with just a table lamp on so i also decided to place it in the room and see how it look to be honest i couldn't take my eyes off it neither could my wife, in fact everyone who has visited has been pleasantly addicted to sitting next to it! so i hope you all like the images I've chosen for your viewing.
The next set of images show the secret compartment which slides up from the very top.
This then reveals a draw which contains quite a rare treasure, some of my Spanish friends may recognise this coin or a more familiar name piece of eight. The original "treasure coins." Struck and trimmed by hand in the 1500s through 1700s at Spanish mints in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia (among others), silver and gold cobs are handsomely crude, nearly all with a cross as the central feature on one side and either a coat-of-arms (shield) or a tic-tac-toe-like "pillars and waves" on the other side. Silver cobs are known as "reales" and gold cobs are known as "escudos," with two 8 reales (about 27 grams each) equalling one escudo. Some cobs were struck with a date, and most show a mint mark and an initial or monogram for the assayer, the mint official who was responsible for weight and fineness. Size and shape were immaterial, which means that most cobs are far from round or uniform in thickness. Cobs were generally accepted as good currency all around the world, and were the exact coins pirates referred to as "pieces of eight" (8 reales) and "doubloons" (any gold cobs but originally 2 escudos).
This particular coin was minted at Potosi. The silver was taken by llama and mule train to the Pacific coast, shipped north to Panama City, carried by mule train across the isthmus of Panama to Nombre de Dios or Portobelo whence it was taken to Spain on the Spanish treasure fleets many of which were wrecked or pilaged by pirates.
This particular coin shows evidence of chop marks where the coin would have had pieces literally chopped off to use as a less currency i will disclose the location of where i found this to the new owner.
I have to apologise again for my last post as the riddle on the back was unreadable i guess that was just me rushing lol anyhow here's a fully readable version for all.
                                                                        Ancient code of order stand
                                                       Beneath the souls of superior grand
                                                       Secrets hold that bound there world
                                                       To guard the chance of second hurl
                                                         Dormant want to those that deem
                                                    And reap the chance to end there beam
                                                             Silent men women and child
                                                             Forever lost in centuries wild
                                                   Ye follow the eclipes for riches and fame
                                                     And if ye would prosper, do ye the same.

All im going to say is the riddle takes into account some of the items within the room box and its not as simple as it many appear to be!! Now i'll let you all ponder .
Have a great week everyone.  Tony.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Treasure Room Box Completed.

Well its been a fair while coming but its finally completed!  Probably the longest and most complex piece i have constructed not just in terms of actually building it but the thought I've actually placed into it too. The following photos show the back of the piece.

                            The electrics are all hidden but accessible via the pull down door
       I've decided to leave the cable quite long this can then be made smaller by the new owner if he/she requires. Hopefully this week i will snap some images of the interior with the lights on.
                                 These solid brass cherub heads adorn both sides of the exterior.
Fancy a Riddle!!  well as i said this piece is like no other I've made, the riddle on the back has taken a considerable amount of time to put into place and actually does lead to something!! However i can't divulge any more than that. If who ever owns this piece works it out great if not then i guess it will stay a mystery for a very long  time.
As i said earlier i hope to snap some shots of the interior lights on as well as a snap of the secret compartment and post these up time permitting sometime in the week.
This piece will also be placed on my for sale page.
Id like to thank everyone for their kind comments and emails on this piece of work they really do mean a lot to me and spurn me on to keep creating more and more.
Have a wonderful week everyone.   Tony.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Final Stretch.

Hi everyone, Its been a few weeks now since my last post I've been struggling with regular migraines plus everyday chores but I've managed to make a little more progress and thought id share what I've managed to do. The main door of the box proved a little more tricky than i anticipated this was due to the fact that using real glass made the door heavy as the frame is rather delicate in the end i had no option but to use thin plexiglass also as a precaution i fitted three hinges instead of two.


I have also installed a matching frame surround to complete the room which has been decorated with a hand painted decorative gold border, this as you can see is also visible when the door is shut.
The second image also gives a better view of the ceiling.


The final image shows the door partially open. All that's left for me to do now is complete the secret compartment along with its contents and the rear compartment which holds the electrics plus a few minor things.
Its been a challenge completing this piece of work as i have been limited to the amount of time i could put in but it feels worth it now the end is in sight and i can start to make plans for constructing some new pieces once complete i will do a full rundown of all the contents with images to.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

RoomBox Progress.

Hi everyone its been rather difficult for me to put any solid time in on the room box since my last post I'm averaging around an hour on a saturday and sunday due to work commitments which i'm finding quite frustrating as this piece is very close to completion! maybe one day i might just be lucky enough to do this as my full time job!!.. as im sure a lot of us would like. Ok moan over, i have managed to complete the ceiling and have constructed the main front door to the room box that will be glazed.

I do apologize for only posting one image and for the lack of detail in the ceiling which is visible hopefully i will have some more images posted very soon. As you can also see from this photo the roombox door is in place with a decorative surround that will stay in place once the door is opened, this as you can see is yet to be enameled.
Have a great and safe week everyone.  Tony.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Egyptian Antiquities.

Hi everyone, i've been so busy since my last post with general life chores i've really not made much progress on the treasure room, however that doesn't mean i havent been working on things for the interior of it.
One thing i really wanted to include in the room was something Egyptian, what treasure room would be complete without something from this period in our history so i set to work and ended up with this miniature cabinet.

The cabinet is made from walnut with a tiny Ivory draw and contains a broken ushabti figure head this is quite tiny indeed as the glass measures just 1'' in width.
                                                The height of the cabinet is just 3.1/4 inches.
Inside the tiny draw there are a small amount of genuine  Egyptian faience beads i think the two make a perfect pair and finish the cabinet off just right, this will now go on to become a permanent fixture in the treasure room. Over the next couple of weeks i will concentrate my time on finishing the ceiling.
A very warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my work and blog/journal.  Have a great week everyone   Tony. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A little history.

The room box is coming to a point now where i will shortly concentrate on compleating the ceiling.As you can see from the photos there has been plenty more interesting items added i will go into a little more detail on these pieces in a future post.
The five bronze roman coins above all depict different ruling emperors, on the other side of the room are four roman silver coins and one silver byzantine coin.
Most roman coins are rather small so they make excellent viewing pieces for a room like this and also blend with the books i mentioned in a previous post.

The tiny skull is hand carved from opal and displays some very interesting colour variations from yellow to blues quite difficult to pick up by photograph, I'm not quite sure where to place him yet so for now he is just sitting in the corner of the room on the floor.
Theres also an abundance of other objects including two Japanese miniature vases, sea shells and figures i will do a complete rundown of all these items once the room is finished as there still maybe a few more to add. These collection rooms could be packed from floor to ceiling with different objects but i think I'm just about at the limit i want to be. 
Have a great week everyone.   Tony 


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A little more progress.

One thing that I wanted to add to this room were books but wall space is at a premium for other items so i had to think how i could still incorporate at least a few volumes and keep them tied in with the theme of this room.

The books 12 volumes in total were first published in 1813 by Edward Gibbons and depict the rise and fall of the Roman Empire so these will fit in very nicely with items that yet have to be added.
Above the books sits a hand carved quartz pyramid built by civilisations for thousands of years and at one point the largest structures on earth what makes this one a Little more special is that its carved from welsh quartz.
I'm still adding and moving items around in this room so i guess some may not be in the places that i originally showed you to start with. Also in this photo you can just about make out the mirrors mounted in the top and sides of the wall opposite the mounted seal.
The seal had an inscription written on vellum which was attached to the back, I took the decision to remove the piece of vellum from the back of the seal for two reasons. The first was that i could not mount the seal into the wall so it was removable after various attempts i decided that it was to precarious and the chance of it falling onto the hard floor would only damage it even further.The other reason which i guess not everyone will agree on is that i wish for the seal to permanently stay with this piece of work this is why i took the decision to mount it permanently so its not removable.


The inscription on the vellum will still accompany the seal to its new home and will be placed in a secret compartment which has already been constructed into the cabinet.
Finally i hope you all enjoyed your New Year celebrations and your heads are not feeling too sore this morning!! Best wishes to all of you for a Happy and hopefully creative 2014.   Tony.