Saturday, 1 February 2014

Egyptian Antiquities.

Hi everyone, i've been so busy since my last post with general life chores i've really not made much progress on the treasure room, however that doesn't mean i havent been working on things for the interior of it.
One thing i really wanted to include in the room was something Egyptian, what treasure room would be complete without something from this period in our history so i set to work and ended up with this miniature cabinet.

The cabinet is made from walnut with a tiny Ivory draw and contains a broken ushabti figure head this is quite tiny indeed as the glass measures just 1'' in width.
                                                The height of the cabinet is just 3.1/4 inches.
Inside the tiny draw there are a small amount of genuine  Egyptian faience beads i think the two make a perfect pair and finish the cabinet off just right, this will now go on to become a permanent fixture in the treasure room. Over the next couple of weeks i will concentrate my time on finishing the ceiling.
A very warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my work and blog/journal.  Have a great week everyone   Tony. 


  1. Your vision and creative use for bits of history is absolutely amazing! Love your posts!

  2. A real treasure! I love your work.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. A real treasure, Tony, your art has no limits :D!

  4. I agree about the requirement for something Egyptian. You cabinet is another exquisite piece made by your hands.

  5. Sometimes I run out of words. All I can do is gaze in silent admiration...

  6. It is wonderful Tony. I love everything about it. The materials and the design.

  7. This is a really interesting piece Tony. Have you been collecting them for long? You must be well traveled.

  8. Hello Tony,
    Another little masterpiece. It is unique and original pieces like this that make your miniatures so incredible. Beautifully done!
    Big hug,

  9. Hola Tony.
    La pieza que muestras es tan preciosa, delicada y perfecta.... me parece una obra de arte.
    La habitacion del Tesoro lo es en su conjunto pero cada pieza es por separado una maravilla. Te doy las gracias por hacerme disfrutar. Te considero único en este trabajo. Enhorabuena!!!! Inma

  10. Hi Tony.
    The piece you show is so precious, delicate and perfect .... I think a work of art.
    The room is the treasury as a whole but each piece separately is wonderful. I thank you for making me enjoy. I believe only in this work. Congratulations! Inma

  11. It's incredible what you manage to make, another treasure.

  12. ¡Qué bonito trabajo! Gracias por compartirlo
    Un abrazo

  13. When I saw the photo of the drawer's contents, tiny Egyptian beads, my mouth actually dropped open with delighted surprise. Your work is so masterful, but what really puts you in the stratosphere is your cleverness, imagination and sense of wonder. That shines through in every piece. Thank you for sharing your work with the world.

  14. Hi Lita Those tiny beads really are fascinating aren't they! i did an exchange with a collector of antiquities for a piece that i found of which i already had a duplicate. As you already know i'm not a newcomer to expressing my artistic side but i can truly say that i very much enjoy working on these types of projects because i can incorporate my other passion for collecting rare and historical objects and hopefully continue to do so for many more years to come.
    Your comment is truly appreciated. :)