Monday, 21 April 2014

Taking a rest.

Hi everyone, its been a few weeks since my last post now the treasure room box is completed i was hoping to concentrate on some smaller pieces but struggling with real life issues as I'm sure we all do and health problems I've decided to take a rest and use what little free time i have to get 100% back to some kind of normality its been a hard decision as i really still want to carry on creating pieces but the lack of concentration i have at the moment means that my work would most likely suffer. On a brighter note i have finished a tiny piece which i would like to share with you all this will most likely be the last piece i share for a while.

I made this piece from tiny scraps i had laying around of walnut burr veneer and believe it or not an old bone knife handle cut into strips the top is tortoise shell and the box measures 1'' in width.
Ive also received a couple of emails from people querying if i would be willing to sell the treasure room box without all of the accessories unfortunately the box was designed around most of the tiny accessories inside and all form an integral part of the completed piece of work if i did split the two apart it would not be the piece of work i intended it to be I'm sure most people understand this.
I look forward to continue following everyones blogs and hopefully will be back up and functioning 100% very soon.
Have a great week everyone.   Tony.