Saturday, 28 June 2014

Something Interesting.

Hi everyone, I'm sure at some point most if not all of us sit down and just browse the web for interesting things, One of my favourite sites which some of you may already have visited is a photographic blog which portrays mainly american history and is a treasure trove for some fantastic images which features period interiors and great architectural detailed photos, if you have a spare few minutes have a browse im sure you wont be disapointed i know i wasn't.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Making Decisions.

Hi folks firstly i'd like to thank everyone for the sympathetic and positive comments i received in my previous post they are truly appreciated. Ive also just realised that its three years this month that i started this blog and really got into the world of producing miniature pieces of art i really never thought that it would become so addictive and satisfying and continually learning all the time. I do promise once i get back up and running to have a great giveaway to mark this occasion.
What really made me think of writing this post was indeed the first piece i made which now belongs to Otterine i still remember what gave me the idea of making this piece like it was yesterday also the fact that the only tools i used to produce it were an hacksaw and dremel i have to admit i was quite chuffed how it turned out. As time went on and i produced more pieces i invested every penny i made from selling miniatures into new tooling which inevitably made life easier for me, from the onset of selling this first piece i made the decision to only buy tools and materials from the money i made from selling them, some of the materials i do get from friends a lot cheaper than i could anywhere else which im sure you would all agree makes sense and also reflects in the final price i charge.
Recently my workshop was broken into for a second time and basically everything i use for creating miniatures was removed, my workshop/garage has cctv which covers all of the exterior with the exception of the back wall which faces out onto open countryside this is where they entered from by removing the exterior cladding to gain access, it does make me angry not so much for the items that were taken but the fact that someone had been inside my workshop this still eats away at me, how they removed some of the items is beyond me as they were very heavy and bolted to a workbench which they undid using my own tools!! i definitely won't be bitten a third time!! Well i guess that's enough ranting.
  I've reluctantly decided to split my previous piece of work Treasure Room so it can now be either purchased with all of the contents or without them which would make it considerably more cheaper.
Obviously some of the items inside are permanent fixtures like the japanese carving and the wax seal i would also class the 12 volume set of books as a permanent fixture too even though they are removable so all of the tiny individual items including This Box that were displayed inside can now be bought separately if required. Just drop me an email if you see something you like or may be interested in.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

One step at a time.

Hi folks, well its been almost two months since my last post and i thought id just let everyone know how things are going.
My passion for creating miniatures is still alive and well but for reasons beyond my control i now have to rebuild my collection of tools and machinery which i had collected over a long period this is going to take time and patience so I'm hoping you will all bear with me.On a brighter note i have some wonderful new ideas which I've put down on paper so i don't forget and i can pick up once things start to improve, reading your blogs ( when time permits )  still gives me much inspiration and enjoyment and i look forward to putting my creative imagination to use again in the near future.
Have a great weekend   Tony.