Friday, 20 February 2015

Time for a giveaway.

As some of you may remember i did promise to do a give away quite a while back so while i get back into the swing of things i thought it a good a time as any to post this now.
This giveaway is rather different to any other i've done previously and may not appeal to everyone but i still class it as a rather small and unique piece of work. I made this piece around 5 years ago while i was experimenting with various polymer clays and learning how to not only work with the stuff but manipulate it into shapes that appealed to me. Please excuse the quality of my photos as i now only use my phone to snap images and some may appear out of focus.

This piece takes the form of a miniature arched building that's adorned with solid silver decorative panels and jewels the lock plate is also silver.

Lift the top off and nestled inside is a very delicate miniature antique ladies scent bottle that still has the original smell inside if the cork is removed, its also decorated with gold leaf and has a beautiful decorative glass collar around it the piece is also signed and dated.
Fancy the chance of winning it then heres what to do.
1. You must be a follower of my blog
2. I'm intrigued as to what miniature items you would like to see me make and why!
    Let your ideas pour out!!
Thats it and its not so hard plus some of you may even get to see some items you mention actually come to life ☺
Theres also plenty of time the closing date is 27th March 2015 ! best of luck to everyone who enters.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Tony.


  1. This piece is spectacular in everyway, no words really do it any justice, so silence is golden and jewelled. ;o)

    What mins can you make ! Oh my, I don't think that anything is surpass your skill.... A travelling apothecary? ;o))

    Psss I sent you an email to your Gmail a while back, but I have no idea whether you've got it or not. ;o))

  2. Tony, this piece is exquisite - the detail and little lock are just amazing. I was surprised to see it was made of polymer clay. It makes me realise the potential of this medium. The perfume bottle is delightful. I could just imagine the waft of old perfume. I would love to see your skills put to a project based on the days of the old sailing ships. Perhaps a captain's cabin or a section of it e.g. a table with old maps, ship log/diary, telescope, sextant, compass, bottle of the captain's preferred drink, photo of his loved one left at home, etc. Whatever project you choose to do next I look forward to following your future posts.

    1. The why part of your question - apart from the fact I think your wonderful talents would lent to a scene like this, my New Zealand grandfather was a sailor from the age of about 12 in the old sailing ships. The old ships, figureheads and instruments intrigue me - beautiful detailed pieces. I know he went on voyages to India which was a place he loved. I love the look of the old maps too.

  3. Hi Tony, it's so good to see you back on your blog! Your giveaway is a real work of art, as all works you create. Just like Sharee I was surprised that it was made of polymer clay! I wish I could smell the scent of the perfume.....
    New items to create for you....? Well, perhaps you can make a special, small cabinet with equipment for a merchant, who sells flower bulbs?
    But I think that whatever you will choose, it will be perfect as all of your miniatures are.
    Have a nice weekend too.

  4. Una pieza maravillosa, un perfume....ese olor que me arrastra....¿quién lo usará? hummmm, me llega hasta el sofá de mi casa y me encanta....
    ¿Que me gustaría que hicieras? una editorial imprimiendo libros?....el laberinto de Alicia en el país de las maravillas?....Disney me encanta, y lo de la imprenta es por un tema familiar, y me encanta leer, cualquier cosa relacionada con libros me atrae.
    Un abrazo

  5. Nice to see you are back! :)
    I follow you on Bloglovin.
    I loved your clockmaker piece so much, I'd like to see you do another craftsman scene of some sort. A mapmakers table, an architect, a jeweler's bench...

  6. Hi Tony,
    This may disqualify me but I am not good with ideas...I just love everything you make and thank you :) Gotta go now the power just went out and it is below zero outside...........figures.....

  7. A lovely and unique piece as always!

    As to what to make, something that you love and is crying out to be made by you...the uniqueness of your work work never ceases to amaze me...every time you make something it surprises me...keep that up because your work is like the refreshing spring breeze after winter.

  8. That miniature ancestral, Tony! How do you say you can not please everyone !!! .... is divine! Everything you do has an antique flavor, hard to replicate, each thumbnail is a surprise that it's hard to surprise you with any request ..... but I try ..... I would love to see you made a trestle-table trip a painter, perhaps pre-Raphaelite, given my passion for this current in particular ....;-)
    I run to put the link on my blog !!!

    Che miniatura ancestrale, Tony! Come fai a dire che non può piacere a tutti!!! ....è divina! Tutto quello che fai ha un sapore antico, difficile da replicare, ogni miniatura è una sorpresa che è difficile sorprenderti con qualsiasi ci provo.....mi piacerebbe vedere fatto da te un cavalletto-tavolino da viaggio di un pittore, magari pre-Raffaellita, data la mia passione per questa corrente in particolare....;-)
    Corro a mettere il link sul mio blog!!!

  9. Hi tony, it's so great to see your amazing work again, I have missed it. As for what I would like to see you make....something Egyptian, I love the colours, textures, boxes, carving and craftsmanship of that time and I think it would be a breeze for you.

    Natalie xx

  10. Hi Tony! Your work is always so incredibly imaginative and unique! It always strikes me that they are like medieval Reliquaries in that they contain something small and precious inside an elaborate container. I would love to see anything you dream up! Your work is always Enchanting! I would love to be in your giveaway!

  11. Wonderful work as always! :D

    I'd love to see your take on a fantastical time machine in a trunk or briefcase. :D

  12. Whow Tony,
    what a beautiful piece. It's incredible nice to choose it as give away. I follow your blog, as you perhaps know, because I leave a comment from time to time:) so mission number 1 is accomplished.
    The second is much more difficult, because I love everything you make, but I try my very best:
    a) I'd like to see a box that contains a tarot deck (perhaps decorated with a snake?) or just a box for playing cards
    b) Chess table
    c) Walking stick
    d) Fabergé egg
    Now I really squeezed out my tired brain:)
    Forgive me, if I wrote something you already made and that I forgot. Unfortunately I'm not always able to see the pictures in your posts. This sometimes happened with blogs and my brwoser - I don't know why:(
    Thank you again for this give away and best wishes
    Andrea - who'd be thrilled to have this tiny treasure in her collection:)

  13. Nice to see you back in blogland. All your miniatures are amazing and this new giveaway also. You can count me in, March 27th is my mother's 75th birthday so on that day I will celebrate anyway.
    As to what to make, perhaps you can make a art deco roombox, I love that style.
    Good luck!

  14. Hello Tony,
    What an amazing piece. There are so many projects I would love to see you do, but one especially comes to mind. I have seen a 4 sided astronomical clock in the shape of a roman temple. clock. One side has a 24 hour clock, one side has a map of the heavens which shows all the great constellations, one is a tide clock, and the fourth side is a solar system. I think you could make something incredible!
    Big hug,

  15. How about doing on-line tutorials? Ever thought about it? Is it a possibility?

  16. Dear Tony, all your pieces are exquisite works of art, original and absolutely delightful. Whatever you do, will be a unique and wonderful object.
    I have weaknes for robots, would be awesome to see one done for you.

    1. Now I re-read my mail and I think robot is not the right word, what I wanted to say was "automaton". ;-)

  17. I've been a follower for quite some time now... I love your work!

    I would love to see you make a Snake Oil Sales Wagon! (Hahahaha, does that sound too insane?)

    I would also love to see you make a dollhouse.... not a full sized doll house, but a tiny dollhouse for dolls to "play" with. XD

  18. This one is, once more, a piece of art. I believe you have a wider imagination than mine, but I'm in a pirate/corsaire mood and I'd like to see a money chest with a very intricate lock in the top.

    1. And I forgot to say thank you for the give away.
      Have a wonderful day.

  19. I am a follower and fan of his work. Perfect, delicate.
    I think you can make any piece masterfully. Could make an astrolabe in box or boxes ivory miniatures games Egyptians. They are gorgeous !!

  20. I love your work! Please, count me in your giveaway. I would like to see you make a vamp jeweller box.

  21. Your work is always awesome and I would be thrilled to win your giveaway! I would like to see you make an antique monstrance and reliquary.

  22. You amaze.
    How about something like this?

  23. Greetings, Tony!

    1) Been a follower for a while now :)
    2) I really love this piece, really enchanting. I was thinking of your work recently when I came across another artist, Kim Noguiera. She creates automata that are sculptural jewelry. In thinking about your work, all of which is wonderful, I think the ones I find the most appealing are the ones that are interactive in some way, with hidden surprises/secrets. I would love to see more of work like this!

    Here is a link to the artist I was talking about:



  24. Tony this is an amazing piece... you do such beautiful work... I treasure the sewing box I got from you a couple of years ago.
    I love Tudor and Medieval, so really I'd love to see you make more of those types of items.... or maybe some kind of weapons closet with shields and swords and such stored inside :)

  25. What a beautiful piece! I would love to participate in the giveaway, if that is possible. I love miniature books, so I'd like to see you make anything related to them. Oh, and that treasure room box you made last year was amazing. I'd love to see you work in another one.
    Thanks and welcome back! You were greatly missed.

  26. that right there is just pure miniature talent! I love how you put the secret compartment into it!
    I love mini kitchen, there my favorite room in the dollhouse. The little herbs hanging from the ceiling a roaring fire boiling meat and a cupboard filled with mini goodies! I'd love seeing a little work of art that could fit into a little colonial or medieval kitchen!