Sunday, 10 May 2015

Making plans

Whilst i still have the other ivory casket to complete and now that i've finished most of the items i started last year i've started drawing up plans to start a new house. I still have two projects that i started a fair while back which have not been completed but after serious consideration i really want to build something not only that i can put my own miniatures in but also ones which i see for sale by other artists but won't purchase as i have nowhere to keep them.
Having such a wide and varied taste in what i like creates problems when it comes to constructing a house to display them in, on one hand i have a passion for antique items and period rooms but then on the other i like modern settings too, so ive had to sit down and think of something where i can combine both of these if i so wish too. The basic plans are inside my head and have been for a couple of months now but i really need to get these down on paper and see how they form together then i can get started on construction, i'm not anticipating completing this in just a few months and will still continue to make pieces to sell as this will also help fund the build but i look forward to sharing developments as and when they happen.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.


  1. I really look forward to seeing your future project to house your treasures and your special purchases.

  2. It's a great project! I hope you keep us informed of your work's progress. Good luck with everything!

  3. Please enter me in the June drawing! We share a birthday month! This is a beautiful piece I would love to own.

    Looking forward to your next projects!