Sunday, 14 June 2015

Busy Busy

June is like a crazy kind of month for me in more ways than one, we have 6 family birthdays then it finishes off with my own which collides with our vacation this year to cap things off our car was hit by another vehicle two weeks ago while parked outside our home and although it should have been a simple process of getting our car fixed it was no simple process at all but hopefully we should have it back pretty soon.
In the mean time i have completed another Ivory casket.

                            This one measures 32mm in width x 22mm in depth and 22mm in height.

       Inside is a tiny 14th Century book of hours that measures 20mm x 15mm and has 35 coloured pages.

The tiny draw on the side opens to reveal a small collection of ancient bronze coins still in the condition         that they were unearthed from the ground, a perfect little treasure box.

Ive also been busy on my own build fitting the ground floor plus a few other bits and bobs, i'll do a post on this either midweek or once i return from my holiday, i'll see how time goes.
In the mean time have a great week everyone. Tony.


  1. I really love this one Tony. The hardware is gorgeous and the drawer is wonderful.

  2. Beautiful! As usual great work!

  3. You've named it yourself: it's a perfect treasure box, Tony, and I fully agree with you. And the hardware is wonderful too :D!
    I hope that this coming week that the bad luck will leave your house asap, so I wish you more luck!
    Wishing you a nice happy week. Ilona

  4. It must be the season for bad drivers Tony. Someone hit our car yesterday but luckily a witness hung around until we returned to give us details of the hit and runner. Grrr

    Fabulous treasure box. I love the little comparments hiding the coins and the book is lovely =0)

  5. Tony this is truly a treasure box, I love it. The little drawer with coins in is adorable. I hope your car gets sorted out soon.

  6. What a beautiful box! And the little treasures inside are perfect :)

  7. Hello Tony,
    That is pretty crazy...I hope next month will be a little easier. The casket is stunning. the detail is so accurate and a perfect scaled down version of a real life one. Excellent work!
    Big hug and enjoy your holiday,

  8. Wow, I can see Elizabeth I having this amongst her possessions when she was touring the country, as she is reported to have done. It's beautiful! And the little book has as many as 35 pages? Wow!

  9. That wonderful book has a really special home! We are all so lucky to have little glimpses into your work. Thank you so much!

  10. Fantastic. I love that side drawer, though I love all of it equally :D Have a great holiday, sorry to hear about your car!

  11. Hi Tony! I would love to be a part of your giveaway! Your work is so wonderful and so unique and so beautiful.... it would be an honor to win a piece! I hope your vacation was refreshing and relaxing all at the same time... and that all the birthdays made everybody wiser and wealthier in all the right ways!

  12. So beautiful! Each one is so unique!

  13. I love it, gorgeous work!