Monday, 20 July 2015

Busy Week.

Ive been so busy this past week with odd jobs that really needed to be done that i've had little time for miniatures, i always service and maintain my own cars and the time had come where i couldn't put it off any longer.

A full week spent in the garage with my son helping out made light work of what i needed to do. I did find a little time to complete another wall section of my build, this will now take a back seat while i finish off commissions .

I also bought a few tester paint pots from Craig & Rose in period colours so i can have a play and see which colours i like, i'll post updates on this in a later post, all the walls are still fully removable at this point just incase i have any change of mind,Once i start work on this again i shall be tackling the door and then working my way to the other side of the room.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Planing ahead.

Hi everyone, i'm only managing to spend an hour or two a day on my own build at the moment but i'm already thinking about colours and and other interior details id like to incorporate, having only ever constructed room boxes before i'm now starting to understand how most of you who build your own pieces feel, sometimes i find it difficult to concentrate on one area and want to move to another (Does anyone else feel like this) but i really need to stick with the plan in my head so everything doesn't go pear shaped.

I've constructed the fire back and tried the fireplace as you can see in the above image and all is a good fit , all the electrical wiring will just run between the wall cavities that these inner walls have created then through small holes into the base, none of these walls will be permanently put into place until they are all completed and i'm happy they are a snug fit. I'm still undecided whether to use a prebuilt door and change it to my own spec and design, the windows will all be made by myself to fit the sizes i have made for them. Any opinions or advice on colours would always be greatly appreciated :)
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A little more progress.

I'm juggling between working on my own build and a commision piece at the moment and thought id share how things are moving along.

The ground floor has been laid ive used Teak strips for this glued into place using a quality waterproof wood glue this usually stops them from lifting or warping when i start to stain and age them, i usually use oil paints for aging and then rub that back with turpentine and add more as required the photo above is after two applications and requires a few more.

Ive also acquired a fire surround by Sue Cook i have always admired her work and now have the opportunity to use one or maybe a couple of pieces in this build.

The first wall section has been started, i have used the same method of construction for this as i used in the wunderkammer room box,this will give me the depth needed for installing display space for the miniatures i make and acquire. Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.