Sunday, 27 September 2015

Silent but busy

Hi everyone, ive been silent the last couple of weeks this is due to the fact i have been deep in thought about a commissioned piece i'm working on, i'm guessing it has to rank amongst one of the most difficult pieces i have constructed but things are slowly coming together and hopefully i shall be able to share some photos with you all in the coming weeks. My own build has been put on hold until i complete this as i have said i'm in no rush to finish my own build and it's nice to be able to break off from it for a while and gather new inspirations and ideas for the interior, i'm still experimenting with colours but nothing is set in concrete just yet! Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Hi everyone, well I've managed to spend some quality time this week on my own build and a few other things.

As you can see from the photo i have just about managed to complete two walls now, both windows are installed and the door is well on its way to being completed ( photos will follow ), nothing has been glued in place just yet as i still have holes to drill in the floor which will allow for the wiring to be taken into the base i also want to paint the walls before they are permanently fixed in position, i guess it doesn't really look like much has been done but I'm happy with the amount i have achieved in the time I've had.
In between doing this and waiting for glue to dry i decided to have a go at a small painting in oils.

Its painted on a wooden panel and depicts a scene from the coast where i spent some time this year, i enjoyed doing this and hopefully will find the time to do some more.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.