Sunday, 31 December 2017

Applying the wattle and daub.

After yesterdays post Catherine kindly asked if i could post on how i added the wattle and daub to the building. Its a very tedious and time consuming process and starts off like this.
 Firstly i cut very fine strips of Oak these are usually from off cuts which i have no use for anyway the strips are around 0.5mm thick the other main reason i use oak is that it tends to bend quite easily at this thickness without splitting.
 Once i have enough pieces i start to weave the timber together and apply a tiny amount of waterproof wood glue to the overlaps it looks complex but once you have done a few it gets easier and these can be formed to fit uneven shapes too.
Once trimmed up these can then be fitted between the main structural timbers with a tiny amount of glue.
For the Daub i use very fine filler with a small amount of water proof wood glue added to the mixture this tends to help bind it better and also helps it stick to the timber once its gone off i have also found that by adding the glue it stops the filler from shrinking or cracking, notice on the above photo how it has squeezed between the small gaps of timber to help form a secure bond.
Just before the filler goes off i tend to give it a wipe over with a damp cloth this helps smooth it out and also reduces the amount of sanding required. As i have said its a fiddly process but its as realistic to the original process as i can get. which is what i wanted from the onset of this build so a little insight into how i have achieved this step of the construction and hopefully one you all find interesting.
                                                            Happy New Year  Tony.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Adding the Duab

So i have made a little more progress on the timber framed building i have been working on.
I decided from the onset that i wanted to white wash all of the exposed timber and give it a worn type of look this made painting the daub slightly easier and also less time consuming.
Once i have completed this level i shall then start working on the roof timbers but before i attach these i will then revert back to completing the interior.
Its coming along slowly but surely and im very happy with how its turned out at this point even though i have encountered a few problems along the way. I hope all of my followers have a happy and prosperous 2018 and i look forward to sharing many more updates with you all .
                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR  Tony.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Taking Shape.

I have assembled my new project to give you all an idea of what its going to look like, there is still a long way to go yet even on the exterior decoration but as i wont be working on this now until the new year i thought id share some pics of how its going.

             I have yet to hinge the front doors and have only put them in place to see how they look.

                       The stand still needs paint and also inset panels adding more to follow on this.

Im now picking up on another project i started working on quite some time ago, this 1/24th scale timber framed building suffered from water damage so has taken a slightly different outlook to what i originally had planned.

Ive decided to put a bit more time into this and try and finish what i originally started this will be the first building i have done, every single piece of timber i have used is recycled and as you can see from the images because i decided to build it like a full size version its taking time to do.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Adding Detail

Most of the timber if not all of it on this piece will be recycled, taken from either furniture i have acquired from people who have thrown it out because it didn't mix in with modern furniture or because it was broken beyond repair.

        This is a front facing view of  what will become the interior basically a 13'' x 13'' square box

The exterior side panel with malachite panel and brass decorative metalwork has also come from old furniture but i have drilled the centers and added semi precious gemstones the one above is amethyst i have also used rose quartz in some others.

I decided from the onset to complete the exterior before even starting on the inside as to be honest i have no idea yet what it will look like as regards to style and materials im going to use but im sure as time goes on it will come to me. Have a great weekend everyone :) Tony

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Desire to create

Its been a fair while since i posted on blogger due to many different reasons which i wont bore you all with but hopefully i will be posting a little more frequently from now on. My miniatures have been none existent since the last time i posted but very recently i have found both the time and enthusiasm to start creating again, I have decided though at least for the time being that the items i make will only be for myself and wanted to share a tiny peek at a room box I'm working on.

This is a small part of the room box I'm working on at the moment i decided before i even started this that i wanted to complete the outer carcass of the piece before even starting or designing the inner. I cant promise regular posts every week but what i do post will reveal a little more progress and hopefully something that you will all enjoy. Best wishes Tony.