Saturday, 7 October 2017

Adding Detail

Most of the timber if not all of it on this piece will be recycled, taken from either furniture i have acquired from people who have thrown it out because it didn't mix in with modern furniture or because it was broken beyond repair.

        This is a front facing view of  what will become the interior basically a 13'' x 13'' square box

The exterior side panel with malachite panel and brass decorative metalwork has also come from old furniture but i have drilled the centers and added semi precious gemstones the one above is amethyst i have also used rose quartz in some others.

I decided from the onset to complete the exterior before even starting on the inside as to be honest i have no idea yet what it will look like as regards to style and materials im going to use but im sure as time goes on it will come to me. Have a great weekend everyone :) Tony