Sunday, 26 November 2017

Taking Shape.

I have assembled my new project to give you all an idea of what its going to look like, there is still a long way to go yet even on the exterior decoration but as i wont be working on this now until the new year i thought id share some pics of how its going.

             I have yet to hinge the front doors and have only put them in place to see how they look.

                       The stand still needs paint and also inset panels adding more to follow on this.

Im now picking up on another project i started working on quite some time ago, this 1/24th scale timber framed building suffered from water damage so has taken a slightly different outlook to what i originally had planned.

Ive decided to put a bit more time into this and try and finish what i originally started this will be the first building i have done, every single piece of timber i have used is recycled and as you can see from the images because i decided to build it like a full size version its taking time to do.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.