Saturday, 30 December 2017

Adding the Duab

So i have made a little more progress on the timber framed building i have been working on.
I decided from the onset that i wanted to white wash all of the exposed timber and give it a worn type of look this made painting the daub slightly easier and also less time consuming.
Once i have completed this level i shall then start working on the roof timbers but before i attach these i will then revert back to completing the interior.
Its coming along slowly but surely and im very happy with how its turned out at this point even though i have encountered a few problems along the way. I hope all of my followers have a happy and prosperous 2018 and i look forward to sharing many more updates with you all .
                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR  Tony.


  1. Tony this is gorgeous. I love everything about it. I wish you had blogged how you added the daub. It sure looks great!

  2. Thank you Catherine, now you have mentioned it i shall take some photos on how i applied both the wattle and daub as it was a fiddly process :) Tony.

    1. Thank you so much Tony. I promise I will greatly appreciate your trouble to post it. I am very interested. ;-)

  3. Look brilliant. Looking forward to seeing more pictures as it progresses.

  4. Beautiful work!
    Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to more progress pics and you continue this build.

  5. Happy New Year to you too!!! Great work that make me want to see more...

  6. its beautiful, happy new year

  7. Happy New Year Tony, this looks great!

  8. Hello Tony,
    That building looks so realistic. I just love it and cannot wait to see more.
    Big hug

  9. Thank you Giac, that means a lot to me ;)

  10. Hi Tony! Happy New Year to you too. I am so amazed at the care you are taking with this building... making each step so precise and realistic! It looks amazing! I really look forward to seeing more!