Sunday, 18 March 2018

Little Progress

Hi everyone, well progress has been slow for a while now as ive been working away so its been difficult to put any serious time into the build. While im waiting for more LED's to arrive for the ground floor ive been putting what little time i have into the windows.

The frames still need to be weathered in to match the other timber but im happy with the way these look i promise to put some more images up of the inside with the windows in place once i get to spend a little more time on it along with the other lights i will be putting in too. Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Getting there.

Hi everyone, well the lighting is getting there slowly but surely.

It seems that every time i take a photograph the shine emitted by the light looks more intense than it actually is but trust me they give off the perfect glow now.

Ive never wired a full house before so theres been lots of trials and deciding to use nano LED's hasn't really helped but they give me the scale which im happy with i still have the downstairs to do yet but its nice to know its moving along and im overcoming most problems as they arise i guess it would have been so easy to have just purchased ready made lights but they would not have given me the look i wanted and to be honest i feel pretty chuffed with myself at what i have managed to achieve. Have a wonderful week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Trial and Error

Hi everyone, well moving on from last weeks post i finally managed to make a candlestick i was happy with. After many trials including 3D Printing which looked fantastic but once i tried to drill out the core it just fell to pieces,I finally decided to use Milliput which is a very fine two part epoxy putty which i was able to mould and file into the shape i required (please excuse the quality of the photos).

You can just about make out the outline of the candle stick in the above photo with the candle and LED in place.

And here a shot of the light switched on im still undecided yet whether to tone the brightness down a little more i have already added a yellowish tinge to the tip of the LED as the warm white was just too bright this will be simple to do while its still in place but i will trial it out before hand on some spares i have.
Have a wonderful week everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 11 February 2018


Hi everyone, well this week has been full of trials and errors trying to come to a conclusion on how to make the lights for this house, I started off trying to carve candle sticks but to no avail as each time i tried to drill a hole through the centre they just broke!! Hmm Theres very few things i have had to buy in the construction of the house up to now and i was determined to be able to come up with a solution for the lights as knowing that i had managed to make these too would give me an even greater sense of achievement. As i dont own a lathe i just came up with the idea of trying my luck turning a piece of wood in a normal drill, i dont recommend anyone try this!  after a few attempts i came out with these.

These are the first i feel happy enough to be able to work with, they are made from wood but i have painted them to resemble pewter ( this still needs work) Each candle stick measures just 6mm in height and i have managed to bore them out to accept a nano LED bulb, i have chosen to go with LEDs for two reasons the first being the scale of them and the second being how long they last this will rule out any need for changing bulbs in the future Hopefully next week i will have some actually in the candle sticks to show you how they look. Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Stripping paint.

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting to see how things are progressing. I have spent most of this week visting a property close by that has many oak timbers inside and came to the conclusion that i needed to darken the timbers in my build.

Because i used a darker oak to build the bed and partion wall it looked slightly odd against the muntin paneling in the other room so i decided to match it all the same, i definitely think the nook bed looks better too having stripped it back and place a plain white mattress and curtain up.

Here you can see the partion wall sorry about the darkness of the image but using a flash made it look even worse im in no doubt that once i have installed some lights on this floor it will give me the look i have been searching for , now to just work out how to make them!! id also like to share one more photograph with you all.

I clipped this little fella while on my travels i couldn't resist! look how dark that oak is its hard to imagine he was carved in the 14th Century, Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Nook Bed.

Hi everyone, as i mentioned in my previous post i have installed a nook bed on the upper floor beside the fire breast wall.
Im not quite sure yet if im going to leave it painted as you see it now or if im going to take it back to the original wood.

As you can see from the above image i am also in the process of putting a partion wall in place that will divide the upper floor up into two separate rooms this still needs work on it to complete it. I have just about reached the point now where i cant really do any more work until i have installed the lights,so until i have come up with ideas and solutions for these i dont think there will be much more progress on the interior, i cant wait to start making the furniture for this project too Exciting times ahead! Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Planked wall

Hi everyone, i have installed the first sections of planked walling on the upper floor level.
I've been undecided whether to leave the timber as is or give it a coat of lime wash ... Please let me know your thoughts on this, leaving the timber natural will make the room quite dark once the roof is in place but from the buildings i have been in from this period they do all appear quite dark inside.
This brings me to another topic about how im going to light this place, ive decided that im not mounting any ceiling lights so wall mounted lights and a combination of either oil or candles will be the choice how ever looking at whats available in 1:24th scale here in the UK does not give me large amounts of enthusiasm so im guessing it will either involve making my own or modifying standard lights that are available to something i like and blends in with everything else,Panels and floor boards have been left loose to accommodate wiring for these with a wood shed at the rear of the property housing any switches ( yet to be built).

Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Prepping Timber.

Hi everyone, i,ve been spending sometime cutting timber up ready for use on the interior,

In this case i have used English oak that i have been saving for this particular project originally it was a      8''x 6''x 36'' length that was cut out while under going repair in a house built in 1568 the smell while cutting this wood is fabulous. I intend to use this oak to line the upstairs walls these are called planked walls or Muntin screens and were usually the cheaper version of paneled walls. Most muntin walls were left rough timber and were either built using a frame work construction or were nailed directly onto the timber frame of the building.

These helped primarily to keep the inside warmer but also added a different decorative approach which many people would decorate with paintings and ink patterns, there,s a house close to where i live that has excellent examples of this decorative timber. i have visited this place a few times to use the place as a reference for the dimension of materials that i have used in this project.
Floor boards for example were cut in widths from as little as 3 inches right up to a staggering 18 inches and would often be laid in any way that enabled no holes or cracks to allow vermin to crawl through stone is another material that if it was taken from another building that had fallen into disrepair some pieces may look slightly out of place in a small house but these stones may have come from monasteries or very large houses.
Well hopefully i should have some planked walls to show you quite soon. Have a great week everyone. Tony.