Tuesday, 30 April 2019

A view inside.

So carrying on from the previous post i have taken a few pics of the inside for you all.

Its not easy trying to get my camera into position for a decent photo without shaking a little but here you can see the wall mounted candles.

And when there lit too.

The lower floor showing ceiling construction, theres still lots of odd little jobs to be carried out on this level.

You can just about make out the door in the far corner putting the daub inside here was difficult to say the least but it turned out well .
Theres no lights on the lower floor as yet but these will appear gradually.
Have a great week everyone :) Tony.

Monday, 22 April 2019


Yes its been a fair old while since i have posted any updates, i must appologise for this its not the best way to keep people interested in the things you create but i am presently recovering from surgery and just trying to relax and take each day as t comes. So onto the progress.

The upper floor and roof are now both compleate and a base has been built to hold the structure.

If you remember origonally the front of the build looked more like a shop, this has now been changed to tie in with the rest of the building (wattle and daub panels) .

Ive had a love hate relationship with this building at times its been so difficult ive felt like giving up but was so determined to see it through if you look at the previous posts to this you will know that i have used no mdf or ply in this build the whole structure has been put together just like an origonal building which has made it somewhat complex.

As you can see from the image above the roof is also compleate around 2,500 tiny stone tiles all hand cut by myself, i have to say for a 1/24th scale build its extreamly heavy.

A view looking up showing the detail, all the electrics for the upper floor are in place and light fittings are too i have kept the very basic (candles) as i have had to construct these also from scratch i will post more on this a little later for now its rest time.I hope you enjoy what progress has been made. Have a great day Tony.