Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Sentimental Treasures

Im sure that we all have our favourite minis for looks or even sentimental reasons so i thought id share one of mine with you but first let me tell you how it got to me.
A few years back i recieved an email from a lady in America asking about one of my pieces, eventually this piece made its way to a new home in the states, a few weeks went by and i recieved a package from the same lady with a hand wrttern letter which i was shocked by, upon reading the letter she told me that she had sent me the items in the box to see if i could use them in some way for making more miniatures which i was delighted about one of the items in the box was this tiny dried out fish just 40mm in length which she explained in the letter she had found when she was a child on a beach and had kept for many years because she like it.

I returned a letter back thanking her and also exchanged many emails and later found out that she was also an artist that loved unconventional and unusual things her name was edie roberson.
I was amazed to think that such a profound artist would take an interest in my work but after reading further emails it made better sense to me.I cherish this little fish that Edie found as a child and will never part with it to think that she decided to send it to me amongest other things to see if i could use it means so much.

God bless you Edie always in my thoughts.
Have a wonderful day everyone

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Natural wonders

Hi everyone, what wunderkammer room would be complete without some natural tiny wonders again after beach combing and picking up every little unusual thing i cast my eyes on then carefully trying to get them home without damage.

These are just a few of the natural little treasures that not only i have found but also friends or family are also under strict instructions when on there travels to keep there eys peeled when on beaches.The tiny sea urchin measures just 12mm in diameter and i really never thought id get it home in one piece but i was very happy i did. Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Bronze figure

Hi everyone, i dont think ive posted so much on my blog since i started it... lol catch up for lost time! anyhow because im making and putting togther so many of these little treasures i might start grouping them together.This tiny figure was found a few years back while out metal detecting it measures 40mm without the base but i thought it would make a super cool addition to the wunderkammer room.

I made the base from reclaimed ivory and horn this gives it an overal height now of 53mm which i think look fine. Im not sure who the figure represents but it is sadly missing and arm and some other limbs which i dont mind  as i think it kind of adds to its natual beauty i have a few more interesting and weird figures which i also intend to mount like this after all whats a wunderkammer room without a few statues. Enjoy your week everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

The first of many.

Hi everyone, so as you know ive been sorting through all my scraps and other bits and bobs even making some pieces i dont usually draw my hand to which was fun but ive now decided after a coment left by one of my followers to start making all the contents for a new roombox that will be full of weird and wonderful curiosities.

This is the very first piece id like to share,its a fungi study and measures just 25mm in width all carved from recycled materials including ivory,bone,whitby jet and walnut. Ive made something similar to this before but the other piece was mounted in a cabinet and found a new home here
I plan on making a few different versions of this some individual and some in groups just like this one, i have so many things to make that can go in this roombox that i have no doubt its going to be an exciting journey and a great project to do. Looking for tiny unsusual items that would have been housed in these types of rooms is also a feat in itself.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Hi everyone, i wasnt quite sure about this little piece at first but as it went on it grew on me more.

They kind of remind me of old industrial buildings either way i like it and its compleatly different to what im used to making which makes it all the more fun.

Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

And theres more

I dont know where the ideas keep coming from but while they are there im going to keep making them become some kind of mini.

Ive been longing recently for a visit to the coast and some beachcombing but because of health issues i guess im putting those thoughts into these pieces and more importantly they put a smile on my face.

This reminds me of a small fishing wharf we usually walk past when on vacation,The frame is olive wood while ofcuts of oak and driftwood make up the rest. Lets see what turns up next? Have a great weekend Tony.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Whale of a time.

I have tons of spare off cuts from the timber framed house that i have built and have been wondering what use i could find for them as i dont like throwing then away.

After a while thinking and putting my idea into practice this is what came out of my hands. I always feel happy when i have been able to create something from items i might otherwise have just thrown away. Have a great day.Tony.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Tea Caddy

Hi everyone,as im sure your aware ive made a few of these in the past so thought id share this one with you too.

                                  Made from recycled ivory piano keys with a walnut carcass

Now the timber framed house is nearing its compleation i was itching to finish this little chap. Have a great week everyone. Tony.