Wednesday, 26 June 2019

More treasures

Hi everyone, well after a short break im back home and carrying on with making small and unusual treasures for my wunderkammer room.
This piece was another statue i found while metal detecting only i think this one has more religious connections.

When i first dug this up i thought it was the virgin Mary holding Jesus but after closer inspection you can clearly see it is not, its a little rough around the edges but its good enough for the wunderkammer room so to finish it off i made a small shrine for it as im convinced it has some religious connection if you have some indication as to what it may be then id be more than happy to hear.
Have a great week everyone. Tony.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Collectors cabinet.

Hi everyone im still making lots of items for the interior of the wunderkammer roombox,this particular piece was made using reclaimed timber from some very small draws that i think came from a writing desk im unsure what the timber is but it has a beautiful patina and is good to work with.

The tiny sea shells were a gift from who has also recently used some in the construction of a mirror, many thanks Mrs M your gift of these little treasures is very much appreciated.

I will definitely be using some more of this timber to make some other items  as i would like lots of cabinets but in different woods and colors the shells in the above cabinet were mounted onto a material that lined the inside of a Victorian jewelry box which was beyond repair but has happily found a second life not only in this but hopefully in some other pieces too.
Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, 8 June 2019


Hi everyone what wunderkammer room wouldn't be complete without a whale tooth, i decided that in this case i wanted a piece that had scrimshaw on it so set about practicing.

Im sure you all know what scrimshaw is so i wont go into detail about it i have put the tooth i made next to a genuine whale tooth which is from my collection, i waited years to obtain this as its a genuine antique and has not been smoothed off sadly mine only has the ships name and date inscribed into it.

The tooth i carved using genuine whale bone again from the parasol handle i was given which makes it that little more authentic the full size tooth measures a little over 6 inches my version measures what would equate to around 8 inches but some of these can be found much larger.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

New roombox.

Hi everyone, as you may well know ive been putting together a collection of unusual and interesting miniatures for a wunderkammer roombox dividing my time between making the contents and spending some time on the actual roombox itself.

Above is a photograph of the front doors to the roombox to be honest im undecided wether to have these as two seperate opening doors or to have the door so it opens downwards, (i have seen both variations of this on actual cabinets) this would also act as an extension to floor area when open as you can see i have made a lock plate and put it in place on the left door which wont matter if i decide the downward option as the door will have three locks two of them hidden. 
(Opinions on this appreciated)?
Im also aiming for a patina which shows age as you can see the gilding above the door is chipped after looking at various treasure cabinets im drawn more towards the ones that show use and age rather than mint examples so these doors still have a fair amount of work required.
The centre door section is bone with inlaid paula shell a difficult material to work with as its basically like egg shell so cutting it is troublesome to say the least this also adornes the top section of the door.Sitting on the two malachite panels are brass embelishments that have rose quartz centres, more semi precious gemstones will adorne the rest of the cabinet.
Have a great week everyone. Tony/

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Them bones

Hi everyone,well what wunderkammer room wouldnt be complete without some sort of skull.In this case the skull is not life size to 1/12th scale as the bone i carved it from wouldnt allow me to model it that size.

Carved from deer antler the skull including the base its tood on measures 30mm.The base itself is whalebone which origonally started life as a ladies victorian parasol handle that was damaged and sent to me as a gift i will be using more of this to make further items.The skull is a little crude and not as detailed as i would have liked it to be but im happy as it is.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.